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My Folly inspired Nature images are available to purchase here (add to cart to view pricing and image size) or you can visit our funky little shop located at 103 East Cooper on Folly Beach. At our shop we also sell honey harvested from our own bee hives and other local hand crafted things! I am constantly updating my Nature images so please be sure to check back occasionally to set what’s new.

If you are looking for prints and products to buy from your portrait session, please note that after your session you will receive a link from me that will give you access to your on line gallery. From this gallery you will be able to view, select and buy prints, discs, etc. You can also contact me directly if you would like to schedule a viewing and ordering session with me.

1 Folly_Photos_Light_on_water.jpg2 Folly_Photos_Light_on_water12.jpg3 Folly_Pier_at_sunset.jpg4 Folly_Photos_Long_Lines.jpg5 Folly_Photos_Fiddle_Leaf_Morning_Glory.jpg6 Folly_Photos_Folly_Beach_Dolphin_fluke.jpg7 Lighthouse_New_Day.jpg