I love to capture the beauty of all kinds of relationships…families, couples, mom and children, dad and children, children together and separate, extended families. If the group is particularly large, I shoot poses of the entire group and any subfamilies.
Our pets have an amazing place in our hearts and our family. I photograph them with the family or on their own. My goal is to make good times and happy pets shine through. It’s an honor to capture with my lens the loyalty of those who give back to us so unconditionally.
1-Seniors-and-Teens_thumbSeniors and Teens
I enjoy offering a unique opportunity for seniors and teens looking to capture an incredibly important time in their life. Folly has a variety of settings that allow me to create images that really show your personality. Our session can take place in a bone yard beach, a sandy place by the dunes, an ocean backdrop or a more edgy look by the graffiti at the old Coast Guard base.

I work exclusively with A Sea Ceremony on weddings. A Sea Ceremony offers weddings on a barrier island that is accessible only by boat. These exclusive, intimate and nature inspired weddings create a perfect environment for me to capture the true essence of your very special day.
On a daily basis, I am inspired by the beauty of Folly Beach and its surroundings. Everywhere I wander it is a constantly changing environment. The marsh, beach and flora, the everyday seashell, the ephemeral play of light caught in a wave provides me with never ending image opportunities. You can purchase my nature prints on my web site or at our funky little shop on Folly Beach, 103 East Cooper.